Create a Custom Report by Saving a Search

Instead of entering the same search criteria over and over again, you can save a search and run it again whenever you want. You can save a search and create a custom report by clicking Save As Report when you are searching.

  1. Click on the container where you want to search and enter the search criteria in either Search or Advanced Search.
  2. Click Save As Report.
    The Save Report window will open.
  3. Enter a Name for your saved search.
  4. Select Share if you want to share this search with other users. Select Save to My Reports in Tree if you want to save the search in the navigation tree under My Reports.
    Whether or not you select either of these options, your search will be saved in My Reports.
  5. Click OK.
    If you selected Share, the Permission dialog will display. Use it to select the users and groups that should be able to access the search that you just saved. Click Apply when complete.
Select My Reports to view your saved searches.