Export a Report

You can export a saved search report or a report of the items in a container to Excel or .csv so you can view a list of your items.

  1. Search for items, run a report in My Reports, or go to the Items tab in a container.
    Search results or a grid of the items in the container display.
  2. Optional: Only the information in the columns that display at the bottom of the page will export. You can change the columns, if you want.
  3. Select the Export As Report tab and select either xls (MS Excel) or csv.
  4. Select any of the following radio button options for the desired export result:
    • Current Page
    • All Results
    • Selected View
    • All Columns
      Note: If you select All Columns,
  5. Click Export.
    The report saves to your computer.
    Note: If you select All Results, your request will not download immediately; it will ask you to save as an .xls file, and will be emailed to you once complete.
    Note: In a case where you are trying to export an extremely large report – and the result is an unsuccessful export – please contact Support for assistance.