Upload Bid Items

You can upload bid return items to the Documents container for the tender project.

Note: When the tender manager creates the tender project, they determine if bid managers will create delivery containers or documents containers. As a bid manager, there is little difference between the two.
  1. Add containers to the Documents container to organize the contents by right-clicking on the Documents container and navigating to New > Document Container from the menu that appears.
  2. If the tender manager has set up the project to use delivery containers, right-click on the Documents container and navigate to New > Delivery Container.
    If you use delivery containers, items must be attached to the Items to Return delivery container.
  3. Once you have organized the Documents container, upload the bid items by right-clicking on a container and navigating to New > Document.
  4. Use the page that is displayed to select the bid document and enter the bid document information.
  5. Click Upload Document to upload the document.