Revise Items

There are several ways to revise an item. Learn how to revise by downloading an item from Viewpoint For Projects™, making changes to it, and then uploading the new version of the item.

Learn how to revise items by following the steps below or by watching this tutorial.

  1. Navigate to the item you wish to revise and select it by clicking next to it.
  2. Click the Revise Item dropdown and click Revise Item(s).
  3. Enter the new revision information.
  4. To upload your file in the Upload New File section, click Select, to navigate your network or local machine. Locate and select the file.
    The file will open and some fields will be pre-populated with the existing item's detail.
  5. Optional: You may edit the item details as necessary.
    The revision field will auto increment to the next letter or number.
  6. Each selected recipient will now appear in the Recipients list, with a drop down box to allow you to select a Status. This will inform the selected user that this item is currently in the status you have selected. If no status is selected for a user, the previous Revision Selected Status will be used.
  7. Optional: Click the Advanced tab to specify an authored date for the item, add the item into a workflow, and select keywords.
  8. To attach this item to a pre-existing item in the application, click the Plus icon next to Attachments. Search for the items you wish to attach and click the Plus icon next to each item. Click OK.
  9. Click Revise Document.
Please note, you can revise items from the My Action Items section of the My Inbox section, within the navigation tree.