Apply a Print Watermark or Banner in the ActiveX Viewer

You can apply a print watermark or banners to a document in the ActiveX Viewer.

  1. Navigate to the document to which you want to add a banner or watermark, right-click on the mouse icon , and select View and Markup.
  2. Click next to the Print icon and select Watermarks/Banners .
    The Print Watermark/Banners window appears.
  3. Click on the Watermark or one of the banner folders (for example, Top Left).
  4. Click <blank> and enter the information you want in your watermark or banner. Alternatively enter % to select a token from the drop-down list. You can use multiple tokens in a banner or watermark string (for example, %Date %Time).
    Restriction: If you expand a section and the information is not changeable, it has been predefined within the configuration of the enterprise, site, or project.
  5. Optional: Click Font to change the font by selecting a font name, style, and size.
  6. Click Apply and then click OK.
If you defines an onscreen watermark or banner, it is immediately applied to the document in the Viewer. All other types of watermarks/banners will be applied when you print the document.