Search Capabilities in the Brava Viewer

The Search field in the Brava Viewer allows you to quickly and easily find specific text in a document or in a markup.

In the Search field, you can enter search text, string commands, or macros.
Note: If you are using the HTML5 version of the Brava Viewer, the Search field may not be available for all document types.
When searching for words or phrases that contain a backslash character "\", you must use two slashes for each instance. A single slash is a reserved search character. For example, type"and\\or" to find "and\or". Type "\\C" to find "\C."
You can use search parameters to further control the search and the display of search results. Search parameters are available in the drop-down list that is accessed by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the search icon. The drop-down list contains the following options:
  • Down: Progressively searches for the next instance of the text in the document.
  • Up: Progressively searches for the previous instance of the text in the document.
  • Match Case: Searches for the text exactly as typed with upper and lower case characters.
  • Find whole word only: Searches for the typed characters as an entire word as opposed to being part of a longer word.
  • Regular Expressions: If selected, searches using regular expressions. You do not need to type regex: as part of the search string. If not selected, searches using classic search algorithms.
  • Term Hit: If selected, all matching results in the current document display highlighted in yellow.

When the Regular Expressions search parameter is ON, you can enter multiple search terms in the Search field separated by a pipe( "|") symbol. For example, entering the string Internal|External|Works will result in all found instances of the three separate terms to be included in the consolidated search results.

Viewpoint For Projects™ saves all search terms in a drop-down list which can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow to the left of the search icon. Use this list to rerun a previous search. When selecting an entry from this list, certain search parameters may be unavailable.