BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM functionality in Viewpoint For Projects™ provides a collaborative environment where you can walk through the most current version of architectural, structure, and MEP models to see a complete picture of a project from all angles.

To use BIM functionality in Projects, you first create a BIM container. The BIM container provides access to a BIM Home page, which serves as the central location for accessing models and information. From the BIM Home page, you can open the IFC Viewer, where you can review and interact with 3D BIM models and with the underlying COBie information. You can also do the following:
  • Access saved views of your models.
  • View tasks created against your models.
  • Track deliverables due in the Information Planner.
  • View important project information in Project Guidance.
Note: The Information Planner and Project Guidance features must be configured by an administrator.

A BIM Home page is shown below.

When you create a BIM container, Projects automatically creates a static virtual container called Model Files. You can attach files and documents stored in Projects to this virtual container (or to any other virtual containers you add under the BIM container). All IFC files and Excel files that are attached to virtual containers under your BIM container appear on the BIM Home page.