Errors and Warnings in COBie Data

There are numerous ways to find errors and warnings that exist in COBie data.

You can use icons above the tree view in the COBie tab to show errors, warnings, and information messages:

Click Validation Report to open a list of all errors and warnings in the COBie data. From this list, you can view the number of entities affected by each error and access the data for those entities. See View COBie Validation Report for more information.

Click Highlight Errors to color the model based on the parts with errors (red), warnings (orange), or informational messages (gray).

Click Toggle Errors to show/hide the error icon next to records with errors in the COBie tree view.

Click Toggle Warnings to how/hide the warning icon next to records with warnings in the COBie tree view.

Click Toggle Information to how/hide the information icon next to records with information messages in the COBie tree view.

You can also use icons within the asset data itself to show/hide error, warning, and information messages below the offending fields.

Tip: The color coding of field names indicates the items that require attention. For example, a yellow (amber) field name indicates that the field has one or more warnings.