View COBie Validation Report

You can generate a validation report to quickly view a list of all errors, warnings, and information messages in COBie data.

The validation report is interactive, meaning that you can view the specific entities that trigger each error or warning listed in the report and can select an entity to access the corresponding data.
  1. From the navigation tree, select a BIM container to display the BIM Home page.
  2. On the BIM Home page, click View Model in the Actions column for a specific model.
    The IFC Viewer opens in a new browser tab, displaying the model.
  3. In the IFC Viewer, click the COBie tab.
  4. Click the Validation Report icon.
    The COBie panel opens with the Report tab automatically selected. The Report tab lists all errors, warnings, and messages in the COBie data.
  5. Optional: To see a list of entities affected by a particular error, warning, or message, click the blue button underneath the error, warning, or message. For example, click to display a list of the two entities with the error. The entities are displayed as hyperlinks.
  6. Optional: To access the data for an entity, select the entity's hyperlink.
    The Properties tab of the COBie panel opens, displaying the data for the selected entity.
  7. Optional: Use the icons at the top of the Properties tab to show/hide the error, warning, and information messages below the offending fields.