Export COBie Data to an Excel File

To use COBie data outside of the application, you can export COBie data to an Excel file with a .xlsx extension. The Excel file contains separate tabs for each expandable node in the COBie tree view.

The steps below describe how to export COBie data from the IFC Viewer. You can also export COBie data directly from the BIM Home page by clicking the mouse icon next to the file and clicking Download COBie.
  1. In the navigation tree, select a BIM container to access the BIM Home page.
  2. Expand the static virtual container and click View Model for the model where you want to export COBie data.
    The IFC Viewer appears.
  3. In the Model Information panel on the right of the Viewer, click the COBie tab to display the COBie hierarchy.
  4. Click .
  5. In the Save As dialog, select the location to which you want to save the file and enter a new file name if needed.
    The default file name is the name of the model.
  6. Click Save. You'll receive a message when the download is complete.