Add Markup to a Model

You can add a 2D markup to a saved view or to a task in a model to communicate directly from the IFC Viewer.

  1. From the Save Current View or New Task panel, click Add.
    The Mark Up window appears
  2. Use the following tools to annotate the markup:
    • - Use to select items in the markup.
    • - Use for freehand drawing in the markup.
    • -Use to insert a shape (oval, rectangle, line, triangle, cloud, or arrow) in the markup.
    • -Use to include text in the markup. When you select this tool, the Add Text window appears. In the Add Text window, enter text and click Ok.
    • - Use to control the color of drawings, shapes, and text in the markup. From the drop-down list, select a predefined color or click the More button to choose additional colors from the spectrum.
  3. Click Save and exit when finished.