View GeoTags with Geo View

When you GeoTag an item with a latitude and longitude, a point is added to the interactive Geo View map in the containers that the item is in. You can view all of the GeoTags in a container by viewing the Geo View map associated with that container.

  1. Select an enterprise, site, project, or container in the navigation tree.
  2. Go to Geo View by following the steps below:
    If you are viewing an enterprise, site, or projectWhile on the Summary page, click the Geo View tab.
    Note: If the Summary page does not automatically display when you select the Enterprise, Site, or Project, right-click on it and select Summary.
    If you are viewing the items in a containerGo to Views > GeoView.
    A map displays pointing to locations that you GeoTagged items in that container with.
You see the GeoTags for items in the container you selected and the containers beneath it. For example, if you select Geo View at the Enterprise level, you see all of the Sites in that Enterprise that have been GeoTagged. If you select Geo View at the Site level, you see all of the Projects in the Site that have been GeoTagged.