Resolve an Upload Conflict in Desktop App

If more than one user makes an item available offline, makes changes, and then uploads the changes, there will be a conflict. After uploading a change in the Desktop App, check the Status page to ensure that there aren't any conflicts and that your changes were uploaded.

  1. Right-click on the icon in your system tray.
  2. Select Status.
    The Document Status window appears.

  3. Look under Conflicting Changes to see if any items are listed.
    If there aren't any items listed under Conflicting Changes Your items were uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™.
    If there are items listed under Conflicting Changes Another user also downloaded the item and uploaded changes before you.
    To resolve the conflict:
    1. From Viewpoint For Projects™, go to the container that the original item is in.
    2. Go to Upload File(s) > Upload File(s).
    3. Click Select File(s).
    4. Select your revision of the conflicted item and click Open.
    5. Convert it to a revision.