Schedule Uploads

You can schedule an upload to run one time or to run regularly so that you'll know that any new items or revisions will be added to Viewpoint For Projects™.

You'll need internet access to upload items.
Note: Items uploaded through this method are automatically registered with the first status listed in the Status drop-down in Viewpoint For Projects™.
Important: You can only upload items that don't require mandatory data through this method.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and go the the Viewpoint For Projects™ drive.
  2. In the Windows Explorer window, right-click anywhere in the white space outside of the containers and select Schedule Uploads.
    The Schedule Upload window will appear.
  3. Select I want to create a new schedule.
  4. Enter the Name of Upload.
  5. Select the frequency that you want the upload to run from Repeat.
    If you want the upload to run immediately and only one time Select Run Now.
    If you want the upload to run regularly for a specific period of time Select Repeat Until, select the frequency from Repeat Every, and select the end date from Until.
    If you want the upload to run regularly without a specified end date Select Repeat indefinitely and select a frequency from Repeat Every.
  6. From Selected Folders, select the containers that contain items you want to upload.
  7. Click Save.
    The uploads are scheduled and, at the frequency you specified, the Desktop App runs through each container that you selected and uploads any items that have not been previously uploaded.
    Important: Files that require mandatory data will be skipped.
  8. Periodically, check your upload history to verify if any items were skipped or failed. Right-click on the container in the Desktop App and click History to see skipped or failed items.
Your items are uploaded. If items were skipped, you can upload them manually.