Work on Viewpoint For Projects™ Items Offline

If you want to work on items (or containers of items) when you know you will not have internet access, you can make Viewpoint For Projects™ items available offline so you can access them through the Desktop App.

You'll need internet access while making items available offline, so you'll need to plan ahead in order to have offline items available to you.
Only items you make available offline appear in the Desktop App when you do not have internet access and are working offline.
Tip: If you have intermittent internet access, you can right-click on the icon in the system tray and select Work Offline until your internet access becomes stable again. Keep in mind that the Desktop App automatically takes you offline when you don't have internet access and puts you back online automatically when you do.
  1. While you have internet access, find an item you want to make available offline.
  2. Right-click on the item and select Make Available Offline.
    Restriction: If Make Available Offline is greyed out, this feature has not been turned on. Contact your Local Administrator or Viewpoint For Projects™ Support.
    Note: You can select multiple items and containers to make them available offline. All containers within the container you select will be available offline, too.
    The Status of the items switches to Available Offline. Containers do not show a status.

You can view items that are available offline by double-clicking on the Offline Files folder in the Viewpoint For Projects™ drive in Windows Explorer or by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting Status.

Note: If an Enterprise or container is greyed out, you have not made any items available offline in it yet.

If you make changes to items, upload any changes the next time you have internet access.