Create Discussions

You can create discussions in a discussion container to collaborate on a topic with other Viewpoint For Projects™ users.

Watch the video or use the steps below to learn how to create discussions.

  1. Right-click on the discussion container where you want to create a new discussion and go to New > Discussion.
    The New Discussion window displays.
  2. Enter the Name and Priority of the discussion.
  3. Enter the content of the discussion in Body Text.
  4. Optional: Under Timescales, unselect No Due Date and enter a Due Date if you want to set a due date that the discussion should be finished by.
  5. Add the Recipients who should be included in the discussion.
  6. Select Private if only the users involved in the discussion should be able to view it.
  7. Select Email if the Recipients should be emailed about the discussion.
  8. Optional: Add Attachments and keywords.
  9. Click Finish.