Create a Matrix Transmittal

A matrix transmittal allows you to distribute a selection of individual documents or the contents of an entire container or work package to a number of recipients. Once created, they can be revised and re-sent manually or scheduled to automatically check for updated content and be re-sent.

Important: Transmittals issued on individual documents will not adhere to schedule and revise automatically. This function will only occur when transmittals are issued on containers.

These actions depend on your permissions. If you cannot carry out any of the actions above, you may need to contact the administrator to amend your permissions.

  1. Navigate to Distribution Transmittals > Matrix Transmittals within a project.
    A list of matrix transmittals that have already been created in the project appears.
  2. Click on the New Matrix Transmittal icon to open the Matrix Transmittal Details dialog.
  3. Enter the Name and Description of the transmittal.
  4. If necessary, change the initial revision number in the Revision Reference field.
  5. If necessary, change the user name in the Owner field.
  6. Use the Status field to select the status of the transmittal.
    Statuses are created and maintained by the admin.
  7. Select the Email Internal Recipients check box if the transmittal should send emails to Viewpoint For Projects users.
    Note: If you do not select this check box, recipients will only see the transmittal on the Project Summary page.
  8. Select the Override Recipient Email Opt Out check box if Viewpoint For Projects users should receive an email even if they have set up their user account so that they do not receive emails.
  9. Select the Include Private Items Within Containers check box if the private items should be included in the transmittal.
    Note: Recipients will only be able to view these items if they have proper permissions.
  10. Select the Include Non-visible Items Within Container check box if items at a non-visible workflow termination status or within a non-visible decision node should be included in the transmittal.
  11. Select the Only Show Changes In Notification Email check box to allow you to only show changes in email notifications.
    This provides greater clarity to recipients on what has changed. When the option is in use, the resulting email notifications are much shorter and quicker to load, particularly on mobile devices.
  12. Use the Matrix Transmittal Schedule section if you want the transmittal to be sent at regular intervals.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Use the Add / Remove Container(s) link to add a container of items to the transmittal.
  15. Use the Add / Remove Attachment(s) link to add items to the transmittal.
  16. Use the Add / Remove Recipient(s) link to add users to the transmittal.
  17. Click Transmit .
    The transmittal is sent to the selected recipients. If a schedule was set up on the transmittal, additional transmittals are sent based on the schedule.