Create a Notification Transmittal

Use notification transmittals to create a one-time announcement to a list of users with attachments from other areas of the enterprise. Notification transmittals are fully audited and recorded on the application and allow you to attach items on the enterprise itself without first needing to download them.

  1. Expand the navigation tree for a project.
  2. Expand the Distribution Transmittals navigation tree and select Notification Transmittals.
    This opens a page that displays all of the notification transmittals that have already been created.
  3. Click the New Notification Transmittal icon to open the Notification Transmittal Details dialog.
  4. Enter the Subject of the notification.
  5. Enter a Status for the notification.
    These statuses are created by the administrator.
  6. Enter the message that will be sent to the recipients in the Message Body field.
  7. Use the Recipients section to select the recipients of the notification.
  8. Optional: Click the Custom Message link to append a custom message to each selected recipient.
  9. Use the Attachments section to add attachments to the notification.
    These are the documents that will be included in the notification.
  10. Click OK.