Brava Viewer Toolbars

Toolbars in the Brava Viewer provide access to the available view and markup functions.

The functions available within a toolbar depend on the version of Brava Viewer you use. For example, the Arc annotation tool is available within the Markup toolbar of the ActiveX Viewer only. While the ActiveX Viewer provides a slightly wider range of functions than HTML5, most of the same features are available in both versions. See Brava Viewer Functionality Comparison by Version for a list of available features by Brava Viewer version.

The images below illustrate the toolbars and functions in the ActiveX version of the Brava Viewer.

Functions Toolbar

Use the Functions toolbar to access the primary functions of the Viewer (for example, Annotate, Save, Review, Redact, and Publish).

Find Toolbar

Use the Find toolbar to search for specific text within document.

Markup Toolbar

Use the Markup toolbar to create markup elements.

Viewing Tools Toolbar

Use the Viewing Tools toolbar to adjust the display of the document you are viewing.

Compare Toolbar

Use the Compare toolbar to perform comparisons between different revisions of a document or between different documents.