View and Edit Markups

You can view markups that are associated with an item and edit those markups if needed.

  1. Navigate to the item you want to view markups for, right-click on the mouse icon , and select View and Markup.
  2. Click on the Markup icon and select Open.
    A popup window appears, displaying the markups associated with the item.
  3. Select the markup you want to view and click OK (ActiveX) or Close (HTML5).
    The markup file opens, displaying the annotations on top of the item. If there are multiple markup files associated with the item, the primary file opens.
  4. Use the toolbars in the Viewer to view and edit the item as needed.
    You can edit existing markup elements if you are the author. To take ownership of a markup created by another user, click Select Markup in the Markup toolbar, hold the Shift key, and click the markup. The author information for that markup changes to your information.
    View thumbnails of each page and any changemarks in the markup by clicking the arrow at the right of the viewer to open the task pane. Alternatively, right-click on the document, select Show Pane, and select the appropriate option
  5. Save your markup.