Watermarks and Banners

Watermarks and banners contain text strings that can be placed in a variety of locations within a document.

A watermark is a semi-transparent text string that stretches from the lower left corner to the upper right corner of the document. For example, a document that has not been finalized and is meant for internal use only might contain a "Draft" watermark. Alternatively, a banner is a string of specific information (date, time, page number, user name, etc.) assigned to a specific location on the document header and footer.

You can define your own watermarks or banners, or they may be predefined by an administrator. Watermarks and banners that were defined by an administrator are not editable.

If you have the Edit Container permission, you can define watermarks and banners at the enterprise, site, or project container level. Viewpoint For Projects™ applies container-level watermarks and banners when you print or publish documents stored within the container (or within a sub-container) using the ActiveX Viewer.
Restriction: When publishing, watermarks and banners can be applied to PDF and TIFF formats only.
You can also define watermarks and banners for specific documents directly within the ActiveX and HTML5 Viewers.

When defining watermarks or banners, you can use tokens that represent  variable (dynamic) values. For example, you can use the %Date token to insert the current date into a banner.

The ActiveX Viewer provides the additional option to display a watermark or banner on screen. On screen watermarks and banners are useful for displaying a document's classification (e.g., proprietary, draft, etc.)to other Viewpoint For Projects™ users.