Make a Batch of Uploaded Items Public

You can make multiple items public at one time.

  1. Click in the column next to the item that you want to make public. Hold down CTRL and click to select multiple items.
  2. Click Actions > Make Public.
    The Make Selected Files Public window will be displayed.
  3. Optional: If the items should only be public for a specific amount of time, select Expired and then use the fields that appear to select when the files should no longer be public. If all revisions of the selected items should be public, select All Revisions.
  4. Optional: If you want to email a link to the selected items, select Email Items. Once you click OK, enter the name and email address that you want to share the items with, click the Email selected items as URLs or Email public files, and add some text to the email. Click OK.
  5. Click OK when complete, to save your changes.