Add Secondary Files

You can add secondary files from your computer to an item so that the items are connected. A practical use case for this is adding a CAD file as a secondary file to a PDF.

The Pending Uploads page is only available if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer 11.
Tip: If the secondary file that you want to add is another one of the items you are registering, you can merge the items instead.
  1. While you are registering items on the Pending Uploads page, click Add Secondary File(s).
  2. Browse to the file you want to add as secondary and select it. You can select and add multiple secondary files.
  3. Click Open.
    The secondary file is listed under the Add Secondary File(s) link.
    Note: To cancel, click next to the item listed under Add Secondary File(s).
  4. Finish registering your items and click Register.

The primary file displays on the Items page of the container. You can view secondary files by right-clicking on the item and selecting Properties.

Note: You can add secondary files after they are registered by right-clicking on an item you want to make a primary file and selecting Edit.
Tip: You can add a File Count column to a container's Items page so you can easily see if a file has any secondary files.