Revise a Document Live with Microsoft Office 365

If your company uses Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can edit a VFP document (.docx, .pptx, or .xlsx) in Microsoft Office for the web. You won’t be able to open the document in Microsoft Office if it's an older version of office or if the document has custom mandatory fields with no values.

Review Edit a Document Live in VFP for details on enabling Microsoft Office for the web and other information.
When you edit a document using Microsoft Office for the web, changes are saved automatically, and a new document version is created once you close the editing session.
  1. Access the container that has the document.
  2. Click the Mouse icon for the document you want to change.
  3. Select the Open in option that includes the type of document.
    The document opens in a new tab.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Close the tab.
Close the document’s tab when you’re finished making edits. Your changes are automatically saved in the document. There’s no Save button.