Merge Items

You can merge items together while you are registering them from the Pending Uploads page, in order to connect the two items. When you merge items, you set one of them as the primary file and the others as secondary files.

The Pending Uploads page is only available if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer 11.
Tip: If the files you want to merge haven't been uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™ yet, you can add secondary files instead.
  1. While you are registering items on the Pending Uploads page, select the items you want to merge.
    Note: If you upload multiple items with the same name at one time, Viewpoint For Projects™ automatically merges them during registration. The PDF version is set as the primary and the other version is set as a secondary to it. If none of the versions is a PDF, the first version you upload is set as the primary and the other as secondary. If these defaults are not what you want, you can change the primary and secondary items or cancel the merge on the Pending Uploadspage.
  2. Click Merge next to the item you want to be the primary item.
    The other item is no longer listed as an item to be registered and is now listed under the Merge button.
    Note: To cancel the merge, click next to the other item listed under Merge.
  3. Finish registering your items and click Register.

The primary file displays on the Items page of the container. You can view secondary files by right-clicking on the item and selecting Properties.

Note: You can merge items after they are registered by right-clicking on an item you want to make a primary file and selecting Edit.
Tip: You can add a File Count column to a container's Items page so you can easily see if a file has any secondary files.