Download a Previous Version of an Item

You can download a previous version of an item.

  1. Navigate to the item and open the Search tab.
  2. Make sure that Latest Revision is not selected.
  3. Click Search.
    Every item revision will display as separate record in the lower portion of the form.
  4. Click in the column next to the item that you want to download. Hold down CTRL and click, to select multiple items.
  5. Click on in the toolbar.
    The selected item(s) are downloaded to your workstation as a .zip file.
You can view all of an item's previous revisions by right-clicking on the most recent revision in the column and clicking Properties. On the properties page you will see all of the previous revisions listed under the item information. To expand and view the details of each specific revision, click on the Plus icon next to the revision. To save the revision, right-click on the file name and click Save Target As, then specify a location on your machine where you wish to save the item.