Upload Unregistered Items

You can upload one or more items as unregistered so that they are visible only to you. You can register them later to make them visible to users with view permissions for the container you uploaded them to.

The Upload File(s) menu is only available if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer 11.

You can upload multiple files using drag and drop. You can then choose to register them all at once or to leave them as unregistered. View the tutorial below for a quick demonstration.

From the container's Items page, upload items in any of the following ways:
  • Go to Upload File(s) > New Unregistered Item(s). Click Select and browse to the item. Click Open and click Upload.
    Note: You can only upload one item at a time when using this method.
  • Go to Upload File(s) > Upload File(s). Click Select File(s). Select the item you want to upload and click Open.
    Note: You can hold down CTRL while selecting more than one item to upload multiple items at one time.
  • Go to Upload File(s) > Upload File(s). Click Select Folder. In the Browse For Folder window that appears, select a folder and click OK.
    Note: This will upload all items in the the folder and any subfolders. This will not upload the folder structure.
  • Drag and drop items from your computer onto the Upload File(s) window.
The Upload Progress panel appears at the bottom of the page to show you the progress of the upload. Items are scanned for malware during this upload.
Tip: You can leave this page at any time, and the upload will continue.
If you want to cancel the upload, click Clear All.
Your item is uploaded as unregistered and appears greyed out on the Items page of the container. You can keep it unregistered so only you can view it or you can register it.