Batch Vote on Multiple Items in a Workflow

You can vote on multiple items that are in the same workflow at one time.

  1. Click in the column next to the items that you want to vote on. Hold down CTRL and click to select multiple items.
  2. Go to Actions > Vote/Comment.
    The Batch Decision window appears.
  3. In the Available Workflows field, select the workflow that the items are located in.
  4. In the Current Nodes field, select the node you wish to cast your vote in.
    More options appear in the Batch Decision window.
    Note: Documents can be attached to relevant workflows from a user's machine or a VFP container by using the Add/Remove Attachments and Add Local Files links.
  5. Select the appropriate Outcome and add a Comment, if desired.
  6. Click Vote.
    The Outcome and any Comments are applied to all of the items you selected.

If items in the workflow you are batch voting on have been updated and items are in different versions, you will be given the choice of all possible outcomes over all versions of the workflow. If the outcome chosen does not apply to all items, only the affected items will be voted on when you batch vote.

In this case, you will still need to vote on the remaining items.