Use the Vote Grid in Workflows

You can use the Vote Grid to vote on multiple items in one workflow at one time.

Note: The Vote Grid is not available within your Inbox.
  1. In search results, in a container, or on a Summary page, go to Actions > Vote Grid.
  2. Click in the column next to the items that you want to vote on. Hold down CTRL and click to select multiple items.
    Once an item has been selected, a drop-down box is displayed in the WF Vote/Comment column.
  3. Select the appropriate WF Vote/Comment for each selected item.
    Remember: Some items may need more than one vote in order to progress through the workflow, such as when the target weight for the node is greater than one. Once the first vote is cast, you must navigate back to the vote grid and cast the second vote.
  4. Once the WF Vote/Comment has been selected, WF Comment appears, where you can enter comments, if desired.
    Restriction: If you are using Internet Explorer, this functionality will not be available if your browser is in compatibility mode.
  5. Once you have cast all of your votes and added all of your comments, click Commit.