Brava Viewer Updates

This release includes updated versions of both the HTML5 and ActiveX Brava Viewers.

The new HTML5 version of the Brava Viewer in particular contains significant enhancements to its functionality base, making it a more valuable and robust solution and bringing it closer in parity to ActiveX. Some of the most notable new features include the availability of several new annotation tools (including stamp tools), the ability to compare revisions or files, and the ability to publish documents to PDF and TIFF formats. You can find a complete list of Brava Viewer features and their availability within different versions in the Feature Availability section of this document.

The HTML5 Viewer also provides a updated theme, as shown below. A white background conveys a modern look and feel with a clean, minimalistic design.

With this release, the outdated Flash version of the Brava Viewer is no longer supported; however, markups created using the Flash version can be viewed and edited using HTML5 or ActiveX after the release. Refer to the Brava Default Setting section for information on setting a default Viewer.