Improved Display of COBie Errors, Warnings, and Messages

In conjunction with the COBie layout changes, the display of errors, warnings, and messages has also been improved in the 2017-3 release, making them highly visible as soon as you access the COBie tab.

Within the COBie tab's toolbar, separate icons display the total number of records with errors, warnings, or messages. For example, in the image below, the icons show that 448 records have errors and 59, 575 records have warnings. You can click on these icons to show or hide the error and warning icons next to the affected assets in the COBie tree. Select a node in the tree to view the specific errors and warnings within the record and start resolving them.

Use the icon to generate a validation report of errors and warnings. The report is interactive, meaning that you can access the records affected by a particular error directly from the report. Or, use the icon to highlight the assets that are affected by errors and warnings in the model itself.