New and Improved Project Dashboard

A new project dashboard is available for tracking the status of items in their respective workflows.

The new dashboard provides much of the same functionality as the existing dashboard in Viewpoint For Projects™, such as interactive charts and views that allow you to drill through to and act on the underlying data. However, the new dashboard also provides the following benefits:

  • Additional Views and Filters. By default, the new dashboard displays metrics for you in the current project (and any subprojects); however you can change the filter to display metrics for other users and organizations.
  • Larger Graphics and an Intuitive Display. A modern, streamlined display allows you to quickly zero in on the numbers that are important to you. See how many items a currently awaiting action by you, how many are due today, how many are in progress, etc.
  • Increased Granularity. Additional categories for overdue items (1-10 days, 11-20 days, and > 21 days) make it easier for you to prioritize and address those items.
  • Improved Accuracy. In the new dashboard, what you see in a chart is truly what you get when you drill through to the underlying data. If you drill down from 15 overdue items, you will see those 15 items. Discrepancies between the chart and its underlying data are a thing of the past.
  • Completely Home Grown. The new dashboard has been developed entirely in-house. This enables us to make frequent improvements to the functionality and eliminates dependence on updates from a third-party vendor.

The image below shows the new dashboard design.

The new dashboard is currently not configurable. This means that all users will see the same tiles and charts in the same location. For a description of each chart in the dashboard, see the Dashboard Tiles and Charts section.

An administrator with the Edit Container permission can enable the new dashboard at the project level by selecting the New Dashboard check box under Container Preferences > Features. The administrator can also select the new dashboard as the default page type for the project. Note that the old dashboard is still available but will be retired in a future release.