Bug Fixes

The 2017-4 release contains the following bug fixes that address customer-reported issues.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Downloading items to zip downloads only some of the items 65449 Fixes an issue with downloading multiple items as a zip. Previously, only some of the selected items were downloaded. With this fix, all selected items are downloaded to a zip file as expected.
Moving BIM item with markups between containers doesn't work 65640 Fixes an issue in which moving a BIM item with markups from one container to another caused an error, and the files were not moved. With this fix, a BIM item with markups can be moved successfully and without error.
Performance issues encountered when loading saved search and opening workflow for search results 65981 Fixes performance issues that occurred when loading a saved search and opening the workflow on each item. With this fix, performance when conducting a saved search and opening workflows should improve, loading results more quickly.
Non-system admins receive error when saving edits to forms on contract templates 66867 Fixes an issue in which users who were not system administrators received an error when trying to save edits to forms, form dependencies, or form/role dependencies on contract templates. With this fix, the edits made by these users can be saved as expected.
New dashboard doesn't display data for task that is updated with a post n/a Fixes an issue in which the new dashboard did not display data for a task created from a paused task node if a post was made to the task. With this fix, the dashboard now correctly displays the data for tasks in this scenario.
Sort on Revision Date Created field in custom view incorrectly orders using Revision Date Modified field values 67287 Fixes an issue with custom views in which a sort on the Revision Date Created field erroneously ordered items by the value in the Revision Date Modified field, even if the Revision Date Modified field was not a column in the view. With this fix, a sort on the Revision Date Created field will order the items by the Revision Date Created values as expected.
Models don't align correctly in the IFC Viewer 67216

Fixes an issue where models federated using different site coordinate offsets would not align correctly in the IFC Viewer. With this fix, models now align as expected.

Invalid markup revisions may be created in HTML5 Brava Viewer by clicking Save more than once 67366 Fixes an issue in which a markup revision was corrupted if the user closed the HTML5 Brava Viewer before their Save action was fully processed. With this fix, this issue no longer occurs.