What's New in 2017 - R4.1b Service Pack - September 2017

The Viewpoint For Projects™ 2017-4.1b service pack release contains several items that affect workflows, including another performance enhancement, an update to workflow history, and several bug fixes that address customer-reported issues. The ability to add local attachments to the clipboard is also new in this release.

Performance Improvements

Enhancements have been made to improve system performance when saving changes to panel members on high-level workflows (for example, workflows on an enterprise or site).

Improvements to Workflow History

Changes have been made to reduce clutter in workflow history by displaying history only for users who have commented or voted. As a result, you can more easily find the information you need.

Ability to Add Locally Attached Files to the Clipboard

You are now able to add locally attached files to the clipboard, making the information in these files more accessible and transferable. This feature will enable you to better control and manage the external comments/sketches that may be attached to workflow if the View and Markup tool hasn't been used. To add a locally attached file to the clipboard, locate the item with the local attachment and click the blue paperclip icon.

Bug Fixes

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal IDDescription
Can invite multiple users from the same organization within a tender without error46295Previously, you were incorrectly able to invite multiple users from the same organization within a tender. With this fix, only one user from an organization can be invited within a tender. If a second user from the same organization is selected, an error message is displayed.
Unable to download items from direct access virtual container without having access to original location 67420Previously, you were unable to successfully download items from a direct access virtual container if you didn’t have access to those items in their original location. With this fix, you can successfully download items from a direct access virtual container even if you don't have access to the items in their original location.
Changes to static virtual workflow not saved from Edit Container screen n/aPreviously, changes to a static virtual container workflow were not saved via the Edit Static Virtual Container screen. With this fix, the edit functionality for static virtual containers has been improved so that this issue no longer occurs.
Local files added as workflow attachments cannot be removed66654Previously, if a local attachment was added to a document from a workflow decision node, you were unable to remove the attachment from the Edit Document screen. With this fix, you can remove local attachments by editing the document as expected.
Items stuck in workflow after deleting a node65056Previously, deleting nodes from a workflow in use would cause items to get stuck in the workflow. With this fix, nodes can be deleted from a workflow without affecting the progress of items currently in the workflow.
Workflow node names not displayed correctly when translatedn/aPreviously, workflow node names would not display correctly in languages other than English. With this fix, the display of translated node names has been improved.
Corrupted workflow filters prevent workflow from triggeringn/aPreviously, duplicate item statuses on workflow filters were erroneously created by the system and prevented the workflow from triggering. With this fix, preventative measures have been implemented to prevent this issue from occurring.
Workflow doesn't trigger when trigger object is deleted65828Previously, a workflow would not trigger if an object used in a workflow filter (for example, a status) was deleted without first removing the filter. With this fix, when you delete an object that is used in a workflow filter, the filter is also deleted from the workflow at the same time.
Item owners able to mark up their items in a node that doesn't allow markups66104Previously, item owners were able to mark up their own items in a workflow even if the item was in a node that did not allow markups. With this fix, item owners are prevented from marking up their own items when in a node that doesn’t allow markups.
Unable to create task or discussion via decision node on form-type workflow66325Previously, an error was received when you attempted to create a task or discussion via a decision node on a form-type workflow. With this fix, the error no longer occurs, and you can create tasks or discussions on a decision node as expected.
Unable to delete workflow even if in-progress items were deleted66369Previously, you could not delete a workflow with an in-progess item, even if the in-progess item had already been deleted. With this fix, this issue no longer occurs.
Error message not displayed when voting comments exceed allowable length66402Previously, you were not alerted if a vote failed to save because the comments exceeded the allowable length. With this fix, this issue no longer occurs.