BIM Enhancements

The following enhancements to Building Information Modeling (BIM) are available in Viewpoint For Projects™ 2017 - 4.2 service pack release.

COBie Improvements

To improve the quality of COBie data generated from IFC files, Viewpoint has resolved several issues that previously occurred during COBie generation (for example, extraneous data, failure to differentiate between zones and systems). The resulting data conforms to the National BIM Standard – US Version 3.

Support for BCF 2.1

The Export to BCF function has been upgraded to version 2.1, ensuring that the files produced by exporting tasks are in a format that is compatible for import to the latest BIM Collaboration tools.

Ability to Export the Information Planner

You now have the ability to export the Information Planner to an Excel (.xlsx) file, allowing you to report on your data from Viewpoint For Projects™. To export, simply click the new Export button on the Information Planner tab of the BIM Home page.

The Excel file contains an Overview tab that displays the high-level, summary data and additional tabs that display role, stage, and deliverable details.

The ability to import data into the Information Planner will be available in a future release. This will help you streamline the population of your deliverables in Viewpoint For Projects™ Information Planner.