What's New in 2017 - R5 - November 2017

The 2017 - 5 release of Viewpoint For Projects™ delivers several enhancements to functionality, including a new document naming convention and multiple improvements to BIM.

Review the release video to see a quick overview of 2017-5 enhancements, or read more detail about 2017-5 enhancements in the following sections.

Key enhancements include:
  • Document Naming Convention - Use the enhanced Naming Convention feature to enforce industry-wide standards for naming documents uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™ (such as BS 1192) and reduce the need for manual validation. Read more...
  • Ability to Import the Information Planner - Use the existing Export Information Planner functionality in conjunction with the new Import functionality to expedite project setup. Quickly and easily create the roles and deliverables for a BIM project based on those of an existing project. Read more...
  • COBie Federation - COBie federation is available once again with improvements that should save you time and give you more control over the items included in the federated data set. Drill down and select grouped or individual components, types, spaces, etc. from a COBie hierarchy. Read more...
  • COBie Generation Improvements - Improvements have been made to COBie generation, resolving minor issues and enhancing the overall quality of the data.
  • Distribution Control Over Secondary Files Through Public Links - You can now control the distribution of secondary files through public links. Read more...
The 2017- 5 release also contains the following minor enhancements:
  • Updates to Translation Packages - The German and Dutch translation packages have been updated with additional words and phrases, allowing you to see additional elements and messages in your native language.
  • Custom Fields in My Inbox/Project Inbox - Custom fields are now displayed in views accessed through the My Inbox and Project Inbox features.
  • Clearer Messaging - Viewpoint For Projects™ now provides a clear message after login if enterprise access is denied due to password vulnerability. The message directs you to reset your password to one of sufficient strength to restore access.

In addition, this release contains several bug fixes that address customer-reported issues and make the application more usable. Read about bug fixes here.