Document Naming Convention

The existing Naming Convention feature has been enhanced in this release to provide support for component-based naming protocols such as BS 1192. Use this enhancement to enforce the industry-wide naming standard for documents uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™, reduce the need for manual validation, and enable team members to work together more efficiently.

When Naming Convention is enabled and you upload one or more documents, the new Name Validation field on the registration form provides you the ability to enter the document name in BS 1192 or another defined format.

An administrator can configure the project portion of the name at the project container level so that it is pre-filled for each document. The remaining portions of the name can be entered by the user. The type and role portions provide convenient drop-down menus, allowing the user to select from a list of valid values.

The application validates each portion as it’s entered and alerts you if the value doesn’t match the convention. In the image below, a validation error has been detected in the company portion, which is outlined in red.

Additionally, if the file you select to upload is already named according to convention, the application automatically fills in the name for you and suggests auto-corrections where appropriate.

The Naming Convention feature must be enabled by Support. In a future release, the feature will be enhanced further to include additional configuration options (for example, the ability to tailor pick lists for portions of the name).