Desktop App Bug Fixes

The table below describes the Desktop App bug fixes available in the Viewpoint For Projects™ 2017-3 Desktop App Service Pack 1 release.

To apply these bug fixes, please install the new version of the Desktop App using the download file available on the new Downloads page.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal # Description
Revision not detected by the Desktop App when uploading via drag-and-drop 65053 Fixes an issue where revisions to existing documents were not recognized when you uploaded to the Viewpoint For Projects™ Desktop App using drag-and-drop functionality. Now, revisions to existing documents are recognized and applied when uploading using drag-and-drop functionality.
Desktop App didn't work correctly if installed using a mass roll-out method 65104 Fixes several issues that made the Desktop App unusable for most users if it was installed by a local administrator or via a mass roll-out method. Now, the Desktop App works as expected, regardless the way in which it was installed.
Could not save file directly to Desktop App from 32-bit Microsoft Office applications 65570 Fixes an issue with saving a 32-bit version Microsoft file to the Desktop App. Specifically, when you selected the Viewpoint For Projects™ drive within the Save As dialog, no containers were displayed. Now, users can save a 32-bit version Microsoft file to the Viewpoint For Projects™ drive as expected.
Performance issues when navigating through the Desktop App 66171 Fixes various performance issues that users experienced when navigating through the Desktop App (for example, containers taking too long to open, not opening at all, not displaying all contents). Now, users can navigate through the Desktop App as expected.
Document would not upload as a new revision using the scheduler 66790 Fixes an issue where a "name in use" error was incorrectly received when trying to upload a revision to a document using the scheduler. Now, this error is no longer received, and users can upload revision successfully.