Ability to View Dynamic Virtual Containers

Document viewing in VFP Mobile is now more robust with the added ability to view documents in a dynamic virtual container (DVC).

Dynamic virtual containers in Viewpoint For Projects™ contain links to documents stored in multiple containers. With the visibility of dynamic virtual containers in this release of VFP Mobile, you can easily view documents from a single location while you are in the field. If a document in a dynamic virtual container is revised in its original location, it is automatically updated in the dynamic virtual container, so the container will always show only the most up-to-date version.

Dynamic virtual containers are represented in VFP Mobile by the following icons:

  • - direct access dynamic virtual container
  • - standard dynamic virtual container (no direct access)

If the dynamic virtual container is public, the icon additional contains an open lock , indicating that people who are not Viewpoint For Projects™ users can see its contents.