Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ Mobile 2017-2 contains several bug fixes that address minor display issues and improve upon the app as a whole. The following bug fixes are included in Viewpoint For Projects™ Mobile 2017-2.

Large files do not load properly on a Windows devicePreviously, files of a certain size would load only partially on a Windows device. With this fix, larger files are now handled appropriately by the app. For files larger than 50 MB, you are prompted to select a program in which to open files.
No activity indicator displayed while downloading documentPreviously, when downloading a document on an iOS device, there was no activity indicator displayed in the status bar. With this fix, an activity indicator is now displayed while downloading, showing that the download is in progress.
Pulling to refresh contents causes header to shrinkPreviously, when pulling to refresh the contents of a container on an Android device, the header would shrink in size, partially hiding the spinner icon. With this fix, this issue no longer occurs.
24-hour format not applied to VFP Mobile screensPreviously, screens in VFP Mobile always displayed time in 12-hour format, regardless of the time format set for the iOS or Android device. With this fix, the 24-hour time format is honored in VFP Mobile screens on an iOS or Android device.
Back button color background not consistent with app color schemePreviously, the Back button displayed in gray instead of white on a document on an Android device. With this fix, the Back button displays in white on an Android device as expected.
Document icon doesn't update after downloadingPreviously, the icon for a document didn’t update as expected after downloading the document from VFP Mobile. With this fix, the icon updates as expected after downloading.
Region selecting color not consistent with app color scheme

Previously, when logging into VFP Mobile on an Android device, the data center you selected was erroneously highlighted in orange. With this fix, the selected data center on an Android device is now highlighted in gray, just as it is on other operating systems.