What's New in VFP 2018-03.1 – August 2018

Viewpoint For Projects 2018-R3.1 allows configuration and deployment of naming conventions at a site level, faster view and mark-up of large documents, pop-up refresh improvements when attaching to virtual containers, as well as fixes and stability improvements.

Review the release video to see a quick overview of VFP 2018-03-01 enhancements, and read more about them in the sections below it.

Key enhancements include:

Site-level naming conventions

Greater flexibility for site or regional administrators to configure and deploy naming conventions at a site level. Previously, naming conventions could only be administered at enterprise level.

Faster view and mark-up

Document pages render in the view as each downloads. No more having to wait for large documents to fully download before they become viewable.

Eliminate pop-up refresh

Attach a document to multiple virtual containers without the popup window refreshing.

Fixes and stability improvements

This release also contains several customer-requested Bug Fixes and enhancements to make the application more usable.

New Dedicated Viewpoint ID Server

With this release, VFP customers will now log in to a dedicated Viewpoint ID server. As our new login service uses a slightly different URL anyone with the login page URL specifically whitelisted in any firewall or proxy settings may need to update their settings to include the new login URL also. For details, see Infrastructure Detail Overview.