Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2018-03-01 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2018-03-01.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Brava degraded performance (on load) when using HTML5 on a multi-paged PDF 67082 Fixed an issue where the Brava Viewer had degraded performance (on load) when using HTML5 on multi-paged PDFs larger than 5 pages, resulting in a system-wide slowdown of Brava.
Maintain metadata brings revoked users through revisions as recipients 67699 Fixed an issue where revoked users were still receiving email notification of successive revisions, until they were removed from the recipients list.
VFP tasks intermittently drop attachments upon creation 68349 Fixed an issue where VFP tasks intermittently dropped attachments once created.
System doesn't provide warning that not having access to all linked locations on item causes edits to fail 69116 Fixed an issue where the system did not provide sufficient warning to users that they did not having access to all linked locations for editing. As a result, the system now only shows linked locations if the user has access to see them.
MFU custom field "Apply All" drop-down does not apply to other items 69859 Fixed an issue where a Multi-File Upload (MFU) custom field's "Apply All" drop-down option did not apply to all items.
MFU revising doesn't work when you use multiple files (primary and secondary) 69922 Fixed an issue where MFU revising didn't work when the user used multiple (primary and secondary) files.
MFU mandatory workflow with non-editable decision node - uploading item with keyword or editing an existing item 69318 Fixed an MFU issue where items with keywords entering mandatory workflow and a non-editable decision node would not upload.
Static direct access containers - users can access all revisions 69742 Fixed an issue where users who had access to one revision of a document in the original location, but were also denied access to one of the revisions in the original location, would have full access to both revisions. As a result, users can now only see revisions they have access to.
Workflows not displaying correctly in MS Edge 69896 Fixed an issue where workflows were not displaying correctly in the Microsoft Edge web browser.
New task character limit limiting to 50 (instead of 100) characters 70250 Fixed an issue where, when the user created a new task, the character limit was incorrectly limited to 50 instead of 100.
Documents - Attachment picker tree reloads when you select something 67602 Fixed an issue where, when the user added items to a virtual container via Attach To > Virtual Container, the tree jumps to the top when the virtual container was selected.
Permissions Dialogue - Unable to search for users via Add Users Button 70326 Fixed an issue where, when the user selected Configure > Permissions > Configure on a Container, and then opted to add a user, they were unable to search for a user via the Add Users button.
Stop the back-to-top tree refresh in all areas in VFP Fixed an issue where the navigation tree in the Attached To > Virtual Container > drop-down would refresh and lose context when the user selected a virtual container.