Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2018-04 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2018-04.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Building information modeling (BIM) - certain objects not selectable from the model view 69579 Fixed an issue where certain model objects could not be selected from the viewer - only from the navigation tree.
3G - distribution groups removed from workflow panels on sub project deployments only 69959 Fixed an issue where distribution groups created at project level but added as workflow panelists on a sub-project were not being included in templates.
MFU maintain metadata does not carry over custom fields in previous revision 70106 Fixed an issue where revised items through Multi-File Upload (MFU) did not carry over customer fields from the previous revision.
Unable to batch download "Unread Items" or any items in My Inbox 70330 Fixed an issue where, when the user selected My Inbox > Unread Items, the multiple items selected for batch download did not download.
Error message when configuring a task container task assignee was a deleted distribution group 70355 Fixed an issue where the user receive an error message when configuring a task container if the task assignee was a distribution group that had been deleted.
BIM - Saved view errors 70522 Fixed an issue where the user received a building information modeling (BIM) error message when opening a saved view.
Drop Box not working if Naming Convention enabled 70617 Fixed an issue where Drop Box was not working correctly when the user had enabled Naming Convention.
"Owner" field in MFU not filtering down with double-blue arrows 70765 Fixed an issue where MFU "Owner" field was not filtering correctly.
Unable to edit component for naming convention 70769 Fixed an issue where the user was unable to edit the naming convention after creating it.
Public link not downloading all files - ZIP file corrupted. File name exceeds 260 characters 70842 Fixed an issue where a file and path made a public link corrupt when downloading, due to the filename exceeding 260 characters.
Direct download of single files corrupts filename if it includes a non-ASCII character 71085 Fixed an issue where direct downloading of single files from US service corrupted filename if it included any non-ASCII characters (e.g., hashtag).