Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2019-01 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2019-01.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Batch Print is removing text from drawings 60728 Fixed an issue in which using Batch Print to print drawings resulted in text on the drawing being removed or distorted.
Batch Print altering user files 61846 Fixed an issue in which using Batch Print resulted in some layers of a layered PDF showing distorted text.
Item stuck in workflow although voted to trigger new workflow node 61847

Fixed an issue where a vote case by one user whilst an document was simultaneously edited by another user resulted in the document not progressing in the workflow.

Brava: Unable to Open Item in HTML 5/Poor performance in ActiveX 65004 Fixed an issue where some documents could not be opened in HTML5 Brava tool.
Brava: HTML5 will not allow printing when using IE 66752 Fixed an issue where an item opened in HTML5 Brava using Internet Explorer did not print as expected.
Brava: Cannot use the 'Select' tool in HTML5 on Markups created in ActiveX 66882 Fixed an issue in which a markup created with Active X Brava could not be selected when the item is accessed with HTML5 Brava.
Brava: Users cannot amend the content of a text box in Chrome 66929 Fixed an issue where annotations added to an item could not be modified when accessing the item in Chrome.
Brava: Unable to open multi-page DWGs in HTML5 viewer 67012 Fixed an issue where multi-page drawings could not be opened in HTML 5 Brava.
Brava: For HTML5, Czech characters display incorrectly in text box markup 67887 In HTML5 Brava, Czech characters displayed incorrectly in text box markup. This issue is fixed.
Unable to download/export COBie data within IE 68223 Fixed an issue where attempting to export COBie data using Internet Explorer did not work as expected.
COBie federation does not display System tab information 68332 When federating two COBie files, including one with System tab information and one without, in the resulting federated file, the System tab did not include information. This issue is fixed.
Task icon is greyed out in IFC Viewer if the user does not have permission to add item at the parent task container. 68358 In the IFC Viewer, if the user did not have permissions to add an item at the parent task container, the Task icon was incorrectly greyed out. This issue is fixed.
Generic error if user opens workflow configuration node which includes a container that they cannot see 68454 If a user opened a workflow configuration panel which included a container that user did not have permissions to view, a generic error message appeared. This is fixed.
Model not processing if revisions via MFU/Upload files. 69997 Uploading a revision of an IFC model via the uploader tool, and then revising an item from the "Find an unregistered document" option resulted in the model not processing. This issue is fixed.
Item owners can revert items if WF panels are groups 70102 Item owners could incorrectly revert items if the workflow panel was made up of groups. This issue is fixed.
Some files failing to load in HTML5 Brava but loading successfully in ActiveX 70151 With the HTML 5 client, certain files failed to render. This issue is fixed.
Editing items through editable grid does not generate email notifications for recipients against the items 70197 Fixed an issue where editing items through the Editable Grid failed to generate email notifications for recipients.
Virtual containers - File extensions changed on download 70220 When downloading from virtual containers and selecting to include the folder structure, for file types that are not recognized by the system, the file was incorrectly changed to a DAT file. This issue is fixed.
Revoking users hides them on item recipient lists, but revoked users still get emails. 70300 Revoked users incorrectly continued to receive system emails. This issue is fixed.
MFU - Items cannot be revised via drag and drop if first workflow node is a notification node 70356 If the first node in a workflow was a notification node and an item triggered the workflow as part of a batch revise by MFU, an error occurred. This issue is fixed.
Matrix Transmittals - Incorrect revision displayed when downloading 70390 When downloading from a matrix transmittal, if the user's download format contained "revision," an incorrect revision number was displayed. This issue is fixed.
Document not captured by workflow if file type is a filter and MFU auto rev detection the method of upload 70449 In a workflow with filters including container and file type, if a document was revised and uploaded with MFU auto rev detection, the document did not enter the workflow. This issue is fixed.
Permissions of parent Security Group does not carry over when deploying sub-project template 70541 Fixed an issue in which permissions of parent Security Group did not carry over as expected when deploying a sub-project template.
Attach To <New Item> <New Task> not working 70554 The Attach To > New Item > New Task did not attach an item as expected. This issue is fixed.
Following task container link shows "You do not have access to the Emailed Link" 70608 From a task notification, clicking the link to a container did not open the container as expected. This issue is fixed.
Unable to access T&Cs during invitations acceptance if language is changed from English (UK) or English (US) 70644 When the language option for an invited user was changed from English (UK) or English (US), the hyperlink to T&Cs was missing from the invitation. This issue is fixed.
Adding/removing secondary files or switching primary files show as blank amends 70887 After adding or removing a primary file on an item or switching the primary or secondary file, the activity log did not show a record of the actions as expected. This issue is fixed.
IFC Property values missing in Viewer (Object Type & IFC Type) 70918 In some cases, the IFC property values were missing in the viewer. This issue is fixed.
User journal - When exporting, journal "types" column is only numerical values 71024 When exporting a user journal, the type column did not show the activity completed as expected. This issue is fixed.
Deploying template with Security Group members *NOT* included still includes the members 71215 Deploying a template with security group members not included incorrectly results in the members being included. This issue is fixed.
Forms cannot be batch voted through workflow 71233 Attempting to batch vote forms in the workflow did not work as expected. This issue is fixed.
Email notifications - revoked users receiving notifications 71296 Revoked users incorrectly continued to receive notification emails related to tasks on which they were recipients. This issue is fixed.
View and Mark up - If name of markup is over 100 characters it does not save 71321 If the name of a markup was over 100 characters, it did not save as expected. This issue is fixed.
Unable to assign a task back to a user in a tender 71322 If a user was assigned a task in a tender, that user could not be assigned the same task a second time. This issue is fixed.
Brava - When amending a markup and using save as the new name is not maintained 71349 Fixed an issue where, when the user amended markup, the new name was not preserved.
MFU - Batch revise infinitely loads if you do not have revise permission 71567 Fixed an issue where MFU batch revision infinitely loaded when the user did not have revision permission.
Individual "ghost" users erroneously appearing on workflow nodes when creating a new project from a project template. 71596 Fixed an issue where users not included in a template were being included as panel members on templated workflows.
Workflow Push through Process resets if Vote Admin 71607 Fixed an issue where documents that progressed via automatic push through could no longer be reverted by the panel vote administrator.
Task responses via email do not enter task 71639 Fixed an issue where some task response via email did not enter the task.
DVC overwriting existing VC when created from Attach To List 71681 Fixed an issue where dynamic virtual containers (DVCs) were overwriting virtual containers (VCs) when created from an Attach To list.
Ability to attach markups as attachments via batch vote tool 71708 Fixed an issue where markups were treated as available attachments via the batch vote attachment picker.
MFU - Activity Log does not show who the author was changed to or that the author was modified 71743 Fixed an issue where changes made to the author of an item was not recorded in the activity log.
If Email Subject String is to long Email Fails 72079 Fixed an issue where, when email Subject strings were too long, the email failed.