What's New in VFP 2019-02 – September 2019

The second Viewpoint For Projects™ release for 2019 contains design info engagement improvements, improved links to public items, the ability to hide projects in the navigation tree, AWS speed improvements, UI improvements to the task form.

This release also includes other enhancements and Bug Fixes.

Key enhancements include:

Design information engagement improvements

Work faster and click less with a new side panel in the document viewer that replaces pop-ups for reviewing and taking action on Workflow Decision and Review Mark Up nodes. Instead of sequential actions, multiple browser tabs can be opened simultaneously so users can switch back and forth between them.

  • Once you right-click on the mouse icon for an item and select View and Markup, each selected item now launches in its own unique browser tab for easy access.
  • A new Brava side panel for markups provides you with properties details, a Compare tool, as well as a Markup details grid, for quick reference.
  • When you load a document with markups, the markups are now automatically included when you open it.

Improved links to public items

Share specific files and folders and set expiration dates for publicly shared files and folders when you choose to Generate a Link to a Public Item. When you click Copy public link for an item, the enhanced Share Public File/Folder pop-up window now provides you with the following new options:
  • Calendar option when selecting Expiration Date
  • Public facing comments on Landing Page
  • Enhanced public link Landing Page
  • Option to download public documents manifest spreadsheet

Hide projects from navigation tree

Administrators can streamline workflow for project users by keeping only the projects you want to view in the navigation tree. Right-click on the project in the navigation tree and select Configure > This Container > Hide Project from navigation tree. For more details, see Hide a Project from the Navigation Tree.

Platform speed improvements

Search and storage optimisations that include a recent data center migration have yielded a 30% speed increase in page response times. The speed improvements are more impressive when considering that Viewpoint For Projects serves 4X the data it did just five years ago.

Upgrade required: VFP Desktop

With a continued focus on the security and integrity of the VFP platform, improvements have been made to the transmission methods used on the VFP platform. As a result of this, all users of the VFP Desktop plug-in must update to the latest version - (available from our Downloads and Plugins page.)

Additional enhancements

  • Better labelling and feedback on Task & Discussion Forms to increase your efficiency when creating and responding to Tasks and Discussions.

  • Infrastructure improvements have been made to the internal communication methods used on the VFP platform. Modules such as BIM and Multi-File-Upload (MFU) now leverage a much more modern architecture to process your information more efficiently.

Fixes and stability improvements

This release also contains several customer-requested Bug Fixes (also available here on ClearView) and enhancements to make the application more usable.