Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2019-03 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2019-03.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Tasks not generating email to recipients if selecting Close on the mouse button 68937 Fixed an issue where tasks were not generating emails to recipients if they selected Close on the mouse icon.
"Email Selected Items" from clipboard displays a generic error 71199 Fixed an issue where, when the issue selected Email Selected Items from the clipboard, a generic error was displayed.
Unable to add attachments to the clipboard 72393 Fixed an issue where users were unable to add attachments (via paperclip icon) to the clipboard.
Missing container link in notification emails 72606 Fixed an issue where notification emails did not include "To view container where this document was created, please click here when MFU is not enabled" links.
IFC model failed to process and displays "Model not Ready" when attempting to view 73624 Fixed an issue where some IFC models failed to process and had to be reprocessed manually by Viewpoint Support.
Batch downloaded revisions are not correctly marked 73764 Fixed an issue where batch download revisions were not correctly marked.
Broken invitation links 73915 Fixed an issue where links in VFP invitation emails were broken.
Public Virtual container - when selecting additional options, url contains a space which prevents it working if emailed 74337 Fixed an issue with public virtual containers where, when users selected additional options, emailed URLs contained an extra space, preventing the links from working.
Quick picker for recipients no longer has any scroll functionality 74372 Fixed an issue where a quick picker for recipients had no scrolling functionality.
Auto Naming - Warning displayed when attempting to upload item with no auto naming project code set Failed 74689 Fixed an issue where an Auto Naming - Warning displayed when the user attempted to upload an item with no auto-naming project code.