What's New in VFP 2020-01 – February 2020

The first release of Viewpoint For Projects™ 2020 contains important development framework around user management, notifications and multi-factor authentication. You’ll only see a minor tweak to the invitation process in this release, but behind the scenes we’re upgrading these technologies to allow us to bring you exciting and powerful new features on the VFP platform later in 2020.

A list of bug fixes can be viewed here.

Web Enhancements

  • Changes to Creating New VFP Users – VFP invitations can only be sent to users with an existing VFP account, or to a brand new validated email address. You can no longer issue an invitation to an existing user and force them to register a new account. As a result, the Add New functionality in invitations has been removed.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Favorite locations functionality – You can now "star" your favorite containers for a drawing set on your active projects. Once selected, they appear in the top-left menu of VFP Mobile.
  • Support for Direct Access DVCs – VFP Mobile now allows access to your documents through ‘Direct Access’-enabled DVCs.
  • Upgraded Syncfusion – View and review PDF files seamlessly in VFP Mobile due to this Syncfusion PDF framework upgrade.

Additional Enhancements

  • Security and authentication improvements – We've made various behind-the-scenes upgrades—including updated authentication criteria—to ensure greater VFP user security.
  • Public Link Security – Security improvements to public links have been delivered. These changes will result in all public links created before the deployment of the 2020-1 release to no longer function with a requirement for them to be rebuilt following the release. Users who visit a public link pre-dating the deployment of 2020-1 will see the message "Link is no longer valid, please contact the link issuer or your Project Administrator." To see the specific release date/time for you region please see the Release availability dates below.