Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2020-02 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2020-02.

Item Issue ID Description
Removing an Activity Status from a Workflow allows you to delete it 76668 Fixed an issue where, when the user removed an activity status from a workflow, they were able to delete it.
Able to compare revisions through View and Markup even if you cannot see the revision you are comparing 78483 Fixed an issue where users were able to view and compare revisions when the revision was in a non-visible workflow.
Error uploading file with keyword/recipient/secondary file if mandatory workflow has non-editable decision node 79102 Fixed a Multi-File Upload (MFU) issue where the user was able to upload a file with keyword (or recipient or secondary) file when the mandatory workflow had a non-editable decision node.
Batch vote attachment picker not adding attachments 88776 Fixed an issue where a batch vote attachment picker was not adding attachments.
BCC'ing Drop Box email address does not arrive from most mail servers 89436 Fixed an issue where, depending on the mail provider an email was sent from, the email may or may not go into Dropbox when it is BCC'd.
Public Document container links do not show full folder structure if public sub-containers are empty 90769 Fixed an issue where public document container links did not show the full folder structure when public sub-containers were empty.
'Naming Convention Rules Broken' when setting parent/child container value auto-naming codes 91081 Fixed an issue where the user received a "Naming Convention Rules Broken" error message when setting parent-child container value with auto-naming codes.
Revoked user still receives task notification emails 93330 Fixed an issue where, if the user is the item owner, then they still received task emails even if they've been revoked from the project.
Shortcode links for Discussions result in an error 93873 Fixed an issue where, when the user entered a shortcode link to a discussion or task, they received a "Sorry...Something unexpected happened" error message.
Removing a user from a security group erroneously shows all existing group members as 'Added' at the same time in the activity log 93875 Fixed an issue where, when a user was removed from a security group, the members of the security group are shown as "Added" at the same time in the activity log.
Tasks - If a private task is reassigned to a user who was not on the original recipients list the assignee cannot see it. 94115 Fixed an issue where, if a private task was reassigned to a user not on the original recipients list, the assignee could not see it.
The modified values for 'Current Activity Status' and 'Current Node' in the activity log are reversed 94125 Fixed an issue where, when modified values for "Current Activity Status" and "Current Node" were reversed in the activity log.
Review Markup node cannot be finalised through view and markup voting if there are no markups 94126 Fixed an issue where, if an item had no markups associated with it when it entered a review markups node, then it was not possible to finalize this node through the View and Markup voting method.
View and Markup - Compare files gives an error 94226 Fixed an issue where, when the user applied "compare files" in HTML5 version of View and Markup, they received an error.
Emails/Distributions are not being sent to VFP task containers drop boxes. 94780 Fixed an issue where distributions generated from Viewpoint Field View and sent to a VFP Task Container Email Dropbox were not arriving.
Secure mark ups setting does not work in subsequent workflows if the revision has terminated a previous workflow. 95210 Fixed an issue where the secure markups setting was not working in subsequent workflows if the revision has terminated a previous workflow.