Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2020-04 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2020-04.

Item Issue ID Description
Batch download of large number of files from Public URL does not work. 90816 Fixed an issue where, when the user attempted a batch download of a large number of files from a public URL, it was unsuccessful.
When entering non-editable workflow, adding attachments via 'Pending Uploads' results in generic error or 'Unable to add attachment in Active State'. 90894 Fixed issue where, a generic error would occur when entering a non-editable workflow and adding an attachment via Pending Uploads.
If user is in multiple groups for task recipient, email responses will not enter the system. 90894 Fixed intermittent issue where, the email response may not enter a task if the user is on the recipient list multiple times.
Security Groups in new projects deployed from a template do not allow automatic permission inheritance for any groups outside the project (including power admin groups). 91162 Fixed issue where, a site level power admin or standard group was not granted any permissions over new security groups created by the system in a new project.
'All revisions public' on public dynamic virtual container will always show all revisions if the option was ever selected. 93997 Fixed issue where, a public dynamic container would show all revisions despite the option Show all revisions unselected.
Larger custom fields groups are overlapping each other in 'New Task' screen. 94101 Fixed UI issue where, custom field groups overlapped in New Task screen.
Export as report emails do not arrive. 94211 Fixed intermittent issue where, exporting search for all data to an excel sheet was not easily achieved. Columns needed to be manually added by users even though all columns may have been selected.
Existing user invitation shows blank 'Contact Channel'. 94342 Fixed issue where, when an existing user receives an invitation, result is a blank Contact Channel.
Custom Field 'Apply All' Drop-Down does not apply to other items. 94344 Fixed issue where, a custom field in Apply All drop down did not apply to other items.
Unable to download excel files in zip. 94364 Fixed issue in Public Direct virtual containers where, users are unable to download all excel files in a public url into a zip file.
Unable to expand the 'Amend' section within an item's activity log. 94380 Fixed issue where, users could not expand Amend section in item's activity log.
Error when attempting to add unregistered file as secondary file 94694 Fixed issue where, an error occurred when users attempted to add an unregistered file as a secondary file on an item they did not upload but had full permissions over.
Containers in public links do not display in order they appear in system. 94836 Fixed issue where, public links in containers displayed in a random order and not to their corresponding container structure.
Error voting in workflow if item does not have primary file. 95084 Fixed issue where, users would receive an error while voting for an item that does not have an associate primary file.
Direct access containers intermittently losing their direct access flag. 95674 Fixed issue where, direct access containers lost their direct access flag intermittently.
Unchecking 'security group members' when creating a template has no effect. 95945 Fixed issue where, users unchecked Security group members while creating a template had no effect.
Markups can be approved if you are not on the workflow panel. 254882 Fixed issue where, users approved markups despite not being in the workflow panel.
A user in a vote admin group will be unable to vote on behalf of others in the V&M interface if that same user appears is an individual voter who has already cast their vote. 235248 Fixed issue where, users in an admin group were unable to vote on behalf of others in the V&M interface if they also apperared as an individual voter who has casted their vote.
Vote admin on groups does not grant the ability to vote on behalf of users in the V&M interface. 233535 Fixed issue where, the vote admin does not grant the ability to vote on behalf of users in the V&M Interface.