Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2020-05 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2020-05.

Item Issue IDDescription
If text is not added to the comments, field items remain in my action items.76726Fixed issue where field items remained in my action items if text was not added to the comments.
Dashboard not loading where project name container contains a /.80141Fixed issue where a dashboard would not load when a container was named with a slash.
Dashboard shows 1 hour ahead during Daylight Savings Time.90898Fixed issue where users observed the dashboard showing 1 hour ahead during Daylight Savings Time.
Unable to close a discussion if the discussion container permissions are disinherited.94322Fixed an issue where it was not possible to close a discussion if the permissions were disinherited on the discussion container.
Culture: Error - String reference not set to an instance of a string. Parameter name: S95082Fixed issue where a user returns an error when attempting to save a file uploaded via MFU while having their culture format set to Afrikaans.
Description is wiped when revising a Matrix Transmittal.96621Fixed issue where a pre-existing description is removed when a Matrix Transmittal is revised.
It is no longer possible to load markups when comparing revisions.96759Fixed issue where users attempted to compare items in View & Markup, but were not able to view the markups from the prior revision.
Inconsistent behavior for loading markups once sub-selection is made.97055Fixed issue where the number of markups loaded is inconsistent on initial load or if markups are selected and deselected.
Drop down components are erroneously flagged as incorrect.97095Fixed issue where an item in the drop-down list was flagged as incorrect despite the item being valid.
Projects created from a template intermittently deploy with missing descendants.97114Fixed issue where a project created from a template intermittently deployed with missing descendants.
Items pushed through node before the due date and without daily push through enabled.97128Fixed issue where some items were automatically pushed through nodes prior to their due date and without daily push through enabled.
Markups duplicated in Local Computer version of View & Markup and when published to PDF from local viewer.97268Fixed issue where duplicated markups occur when documents are loaded in the local version of View & Markup. Markups are duplicated both in the viewer and when published to PDF from the local viewer.
Voting drop-down options do not sort alphabetically.97320Fixed issue where workflow voting drop-down options do not sort alphabetically.